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16 Best Yellow Apple Varieties in the World

Discover the Best Yellow Apple Varieties with the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, offering a delightful crunch and vibrant flavors!

Elevate your experience of tasting flavorful fruits with these exceptional picks of the best Yellow Apple Varieties in this article.

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Yellow Apple Varieties

Some apples on this list may have a tint of green, orange, or red to them.

1. Criterion

Yellow Apple Varieties 1

First on the list of yellow apple varieties is the Criterion apple. It has firm, crisp white flesh with a sweet, slightly tart flavor.

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2. Gravenstein

Gravenstein is one of the ancient Danish yellow apple varieties. Its yellow-green skin with crimson spots holds juicy, creamy-colored flesh with a sweet-tart flavor.

3. Blondee

Yellow Apple Varieties 3

Blondee, a new apple variety discovered in 2000. With yellow, smooth skin and sweet, mild golden-yellow flesh, it’s perfect for snacking and versatile for use in pies and baked goods.

4. Ginger Gold

Ginger Gold apples were discovered in the 1960s. These apples have a mild, tart flavor and are great for fresh eating, baking, and cooking.

5. Akane

Yellow Apple Varieties 5

Next on the list of yellow apple varieties is Akane. This hardy tree produces yellow-green apples with firm, sweet flesh and refreshing strawberry or raspberry notes.

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6. Rhode Island Greening


With bright greenish-yellow skin and creamy flesh, its flavor develops best after storage. Ideal for pies, baking, cider, and apple butter, it can also be enjoyed in fruit salads.

7. Adams Pearmain

Yellow Apple Varieties 7

This early-season apple is prized for its crisp ivory flesh. While rare to find outside selected English growers, it is versatile for fresh eating, cooking, and baking.

8. Silken


Silken apples are the next on our yellow apple varieties list. With yellow-green skin and a pink blush, they have firm, sweet-tart white flesh and are available during the early fall.

9. Newtown Pippin

Yellow Apple Varieties 9

The Newtown Pippin is cherished for its yellow-green skin, crisp flesh, and sweet-tart flavor. Ideal for both eating fresh and baking, it thrives in warmer climates.

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10. Golden Supreme


Golden Supreme apples have a sweet, juicy flavor and crisp texture, making them suitable for fresh eating, cooking, baking, and cider.

11. Ambrosia

Yellow Apple Varieties 11

Discovered as a chance seedling in 1988, these yellow apple varieties have medium to large sizes with red and glossy coloration. The firm, cream-colored flesh is sweet.

12. Antonovka

Antonovka features greenish-yellow fruit with thick skin and russet overtones. Its pure white aromatic flesh has a high acidity that sweetens when fully ripe.

13. Golden Delicious

Yellow Apple Varieties 13

Golden Delicious apples are small to medium-sized with a round to conical shape and a sweet flavor. The trees are self-pollinating, making them suitable for individual gardens.

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14. Jonagold

Jonagold apples are the next on yellow apple varieties. They are large with thin skin, green-yellow in color, with some crimson brindled covering.

15. Crispin

Yellow Apple Varieties 15

Crispin are larger and rounder than other apples, with thin, easy-to-peel, yellowish-green skin and juicy orange flesh. The flavor is sweet-tart with fruity undertones.

16. Medaille d’Or

Medaille d’Or, also known as “Gold Medal,” is a small apple with a yellow color and a fine russet finish. The flesh, which is yellowish in hue, produces a rich and aromatic juice.

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