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13 Best Blue Rose Varieties + Blue Rose Meaning

Looking for the types of Blue Rose Varieties? Want to know the Blue Rose Meaning and if they really exist? Keep reading the article!

Blue Rose Varieties
True blue roses like this picture don’t exist!

Blue roses are one of the most fascinating and unique flowers in the world. These rare flowers have captured the imaginations of people for centuries, and their meaning and symbolism are as intriguing as their beauty. So, what exactly do Blue Roses Mean, what are the different Blue Rose Varieties, and whether the true blue rose exists? Let’s find out!

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Blue Roses Meaning

Blue roses are associated with mystery, rarity, and the unattainable. They are often seen as a symbol of something impossible to achieve, like a quest for the Holy Grail or a love that cannot be fulfilled. Furthermore, Blue roses are linked to the concept of the impossible or the unreal, as they are not naturally occurring in nature.

However, the meaning of blue roses can vary depending on the cultural context. Blue roses are associated with the concept of the supernatural, like ghosts or spirits in some cultures. In others, they may symbolize the idea of melancholy or sadness, like the Blue Rose of Love in Chinese culture.

On the other hand, Westerners believe blue roses represent the pursuit of the impossible or the quest for something rare and unique.

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Does Blue Rose Actually Exist?


Before we dive more into Blue Rose Varieties, have you wondered, “Does blue rose actually exist?”

Despite their cultural significance, blue roses are not produced by nature. Roses typically range in color from white and yellow to shades of pink and red, but blue is not a color found in roses naturally. This means that all the true blue roses that you see are either dyed or genetically modified to achieve their unique color.

These blue roses are the result of years of careful breeding and genetic modification. While they are not naturally occurring, they are still a beautiful and unique addition to any garden or floral arrangement.

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Blue Rose Varieties

1. Blue for You Rose

Blue Rose Varieties 1

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Blue for You’

Despite not being a true blue rose, it’s still a beautiful addition to any garden or floral arrangement. Most of the Blue Rose Varieties, like this one, are marked as a “blue” rose, but it’s more of a purplish-blue color.

2. Blue Girl Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Blue Girl’

The Blue Girl Rose is another rose variety that’s marketed as “blue,” but it’s actually more of a lavender color. This delicate and feminine rose has a soft, romantic feel that makes it a popular choice for weddings and other special occasions.

3. Blueberry Hill Rose

Blue Rose Varieties 3

Botanical Name: Rosa‘Wekcryplag’

The Blueberry Hill Rose is a stunning hybrid tea rose with a purple-blue color that resembles the skin of a blueberry. It’s known for its strong fragrance and long stems, making it a popular choice for cut flower arrangements and one of the most beautiful Blue Rose Varieties.

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4. Blue Moon Rose


Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Blue Moon’

One of the earliest varieties of blue roses is the Blue Moon rose. This rose has a pale, silvery-blue color and is often used in wedding bouquets and centerpieces. It is a hybrid tea rose and is known for its large, fragrant blooms.

5. Blue Nile Rose

Blue Rose Varieties 5

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Blue Nile’

This is another rose variety that’s marketed as a “blue” rose, but its color is more of a lavender blue. The name “Blue Nile” is a reference to the famous river in Africa, which is known for its striking blue color.

6. Carding Mill Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Carding Mill’

The next variety of blue roses is the Carding Mill rose. This rose has a soft, delicate blue color that is reminiscent of the English countryside. It is a shrub rose and is known for its sweet fragrance, earning it a spot on our Blue Rose Varieties list.

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7. Rainy Blue

Blue Rose Varieties 7

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Rainy Blue’

A stunning climbing rose variety, the ‘Rainy Blue’ has white-lavender blooms with a mild scent that flushes throughout the season.

8. Rhapsody in Blue

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Rhapsody in Blue’

The Rhapsody in Blue Rose is a modern shrub rose with a deep purple-blue color. Its unique coloring and strong fragrance make it a popular choice for landscaping and as a cut flower. With a name like “Rhapsody in Blue,” this rose is sure to inspire feelings of passion and romance.

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9. Shocking Blue

Blue Rose Varieties 9

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Shocking Blue’

Still looking for more Blue Rose Varieties? The Shocking Blue Rose is a stunning rose variety with purple-blue petals that are sure to catch the eye. It’s a hybrid tea rose with long stems and a strong fragrance, making it a popular choice for cut flower arrangements.

10. Suntory Blue Rose Applause


Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Applause’

This is a stunning bluish-purple rose variety that’s been developed using traditional breeding methods. Its deep, rich color and strong fragrance make it a popular choice for gardens and floral arrangements alike. The name “Applause” is a nod to the rose’s beauty and popularity, as it’s sure to receive a round of applause wherever it’s seen.

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11. Blue River


Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Blue River’

The Blue River rose has a lilac center with magenta edges and charms with its gentle hues, while its delicate petals create a soothing ambiance in any garden. The flowers of this blue rose variety are large, extremely fragrant, and have 30-40 petals in each flower.

12. Ebb Tide (Floribunda Rose)

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Ebb Tide’

The ‘Ebb Tide’ rose is a unique and striking variety that combines shades of lavender and deep purple. Its alluring color palette mimics the ebb and flow of the tide, while its delightful fragrance and elegant appearance make it a perfect choice for adding beauty and sophistication to any floral display.

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13. Lavender Lassie Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Lavender Lassie’

Delicate and charming, the ‘Lavender Lassie’ rose showcases lovely lavender-pink blooms. One of the most mesmerizing blue rose varieties, it grows up to 5 feet tall and 8 feet wide and has soft, feminine petals that emit a subtle and delightful scent, bringing a touch of elegance and allure to gardens or bouquets.

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Appropriate Occasions to Give Blue Roses as Gifts

If you’re looking for a unique and eye-catching gift, you can’t go wrong with Blue Rose Varieties. Here are the best occasions to cherish this beautiful bloom:

  1. Romantic Occasions: Blue roses are a great choice for romantic occasions, such as Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. The color blue is often associated with love, trust, and fidelity, making blue roses a fitting choice for those who want to express their deep feelings for someone special. Plus, the unique color of Blue Rose Varieties is sure to make a lasting impression on your loved one.
  2. Birthdays: Whether it’s for a friend, family member, or significant other, blue roses are a fun and unexpected gift for birthdays. They’re a great way to show someone that you care about them and want to make their day extra special. Plus, the vibrant color of blue roses is sure to brighten up any birthday celebration.
  3. Graduations: Graduations are a time of celebration and accomplishment, and blue roses are a great way to congratulate someone on their hard work and achievements. The color blue is often associated with wisdom, knowledge, and success, making Blue Rose Varieties a fitting choice for anyone who’s recently graduated from school.
  4. Get Well Soon: If someone you care about is feeling under the weather, a bouquet of blue roses can help brighten up their day and lift their spirits. The color blue is often associated with calmness and healing, making blue roses a fitting choice for anyone who needs a little extra comfort and care.

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While true blue roses don’t exist, the color palettes around them are still exciting and fascinating. Their meaning and symbolism can vary depending on the cultural context, but they are generally associated with mystery, rarity, and unattainability.

Whether you choose to give someone a blue rose as a symbol of your love or simply enjoy their beauty in a garden or floral arrangement, these rare and fascinating flowers are sure to capture the imagination.

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