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6 Balcony Garden Tips For Summer

Do you have a balcony garden? Check out 6 balcony garden tips for its care in summer.

Do you have a balcony garden? Check out 6 balcony garden tips for its care in summer.

In summer, especially in warm Mediterranean, tropical or subtropical climate zones those who live in cities and have balconies as the “green oasis,” the plants there get exposed to strong, intense sunlight. But with our 6 balcony garden tips, you can cope the summer heat and grow plants easily.

Balcony Garden Tips For Summer

Tip 1

If you have a south or west facing balcony, it’s best to grow sun-loving plants as they can tolerate the long sunny hours and heat. See which plants are most suitable for south facing balconies here.

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Tip 2

In hot summer, water your container plants deeply. Water in the early morning, it is important that you never water your plants in direct and intense sunlight, after the morning because it could result in burns and increase the humidity for plants. If necessary, water some of your moisture loving plants twice a day but avoid waterlogged soil.

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Tip 3

If you live in zone 10 or 11, or any other tropical part of our world and if your balcony is exposed to the day long sun, the chances are that water of most of your potted plants evaporates much faster, especially if you’ve clay or terracotta pots. You can wrap a wet cloth on these pots to counter this. Also, cover the soil with pebbles to reduce the evaporation.

Tip 4

In extreme sunlight, cover the balcony by an awning, parasol or shade cloth to provide shade in hottest hours.

Tip 5

Plants those who are suffering from heat and are affected seriously must be moved from their previous sunny position and significantly cut back and pruned. After that, keep them in a better position in partial shade.

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Tip 6

Adding water-retaining granules in pots is also a good idea. They’ll retain the moisture and provide a perfect moisture balance to plants in summer.

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