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How to Water Container Plants

Growing plants in container might be tricky if you don’t know ‘how to water container plants’ your success as a container gardener depends on it.

What is the right way to water and how frequently you should do that? Everything answered in this short article.

balcony wateringHow to water container plants? Too much or Too little?

Both too frequent or too infrequent watering is detrimental to the plant – regardless of the requirements of water. The plants better tolerate slight dryness, than too frequent watering and waterlogged soil. Always water in a way that it’ll reach the lowermost roots of plants and excess water will drain out from the holes in the bottom of the pot. This type of deep watering prevent shallow roots and plant becomes healthy and thick.

Do not water the plants routinely, instead water only when they need it – to say it must be observed, check soil moisture by poking finger an inch deep into the surface of soil. Dried up leaves and slender stems are all too obvious signal that plants need water.

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Best Time to Water Plants

It is best to do balcony watering in the morning. Avoid watering in evening because soil wont dry till morning as there will be no sun and this can lead to root rot  and other pests and diseases. However, you can water plants in evening during hot weather in summer. Never water your plants during the noon, as this can scorch the plants’ leaves.

How to water?

Water plants until it starts to flow from bottom of container. This encourages deep root system.

Hydrogel and Zeolite

To reduce watering needs, hydrogel should be used. It enhances the ability of soil to collect and absorb excess water, and make it available for the plants. Mineral zeolite also do the same, it gathers excess water and provide later to the plants, when soil remains dry.

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