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17 Fragrant DIY Herb Wreaths To Decorate, Sniff & Eat

Succulent wreaths are popular, but did you ever try Living Herb Wreaths? Learn how to make 17 DIY Herb Wreaths in this article that you can use to decorate, sniff, and eat!

1. How to Make a Living Herb Wreath

How to Make a Living Herb WreathLearn how to make a living herb wreath in this YoutTube video from the Garden Answer!

2. Herb Sprig Wreath

Herb Sprig WreathCelebrate any special occasion with a herb sprig wreath hanging on your wall or door. The DIY is here.

3. 3-in-1 DIY Herb Wreath

This 3 in 1 herb wreath was made from cuttings of 3 herbs. Get the instructions at Decoist!

4. Fresh Herbs Wreath

Watch this YouTube video to get the directions to make a fresh herb wreath.

5. Cooking Herbs Wreath

If you love cooking, make exciting culinary herbs wreath for decoration. The idea is here.

6. Pepper-Garlic Herb Wreath

Pepper-Garlic Herb Wreath

A herb wreath made from lavender, rosemary, and bay leaf branches and decorate with garlic bulbs and red chilies.

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7. DIY Chef’s Wreath

Visit Instructables to learn how to make this Chef’s Herb Wreath.

8. DIY Herb Wreath Craft

Check out this step by step herb wreath craft at ETSY DALLAS.

9. Fragrant Herb Wreaths

These fragrant herb wreaths can be used for cooking as well. Visit Real Simple to see the DIY.

10. DIY Holiday Herb Wreath

DIY Holiday Herb WreathMake the herb wreath for holiday decoration and embellish it with ribbons and lights or whatever you desire. Find the tutorial here!

11. Keeping Herbs Alive in Wreath

Let your favorite herbs grow in the wreath. The tutorial is available at Bird and Blooms.

12. Mini Herbal Wreaths

Mini Herbal Wreaths

At Little Rusted Ladle, learn how to make these mini herbal wreaths. Tie them on jars, key holders or hooks.

13. Gold Hoop Herb Wreath

This is a great wreath because you can make it all year round, especially in the summer when the herbs are growing. Details are here.

14. Two Simple Festive Wreaths

Make two simple Christmas wreaths with this DIY tutorial, perfect for Christmas and other festivities.

15. Gorgeous Culinary Herb Wreath

Gorgeous Culinary Herb WreathVisit Garden Therapy to learn how to make this lush and gorgeous culinary herb wreath.

16. Decorative Living Herb Wreath

Decorative Living Herb Wreath

Get natural moss, wreath frame, floral wire, potting mix, water-storing crystals, small knife, and assorted herbs and follow the steps available here to complete this project.

17. Easy Live Herb Wreath

Another living herb wreath tutorial, visit Thistlewood Farm for the tutorial.



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